Procreate Portrait_Cartoon yourself

It has taken a while to get back to Procreate. It was so much easier and quicker this time around.

I am using an old stylus and from what I understand, it is not as intuitive as an Apple Pen. Look forward to upgrading in the not-too distant future.

I love Murray’s jaunty style and the way he can ‘strike a pose’!

This is my first attempt using Procreate. It took three days to create this artwork. Being too excited and impatient, I did not take enough time to research the available online tutorials and skipped over some of the valuable shortcuts; for example, I did all the colouring and filling by hand. I knew there was an easy way, but found the whole process so meditative, I wanted to continue as I was going, it was so enjoyable.

The other important thing I overlooked was not locking the layers as I worked and I had to start from scratch a few times. The illustration could also have benefited from exploring the settings for the brushes and smoothing some of the lines.

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